WPBakery Vs Elementor Speed – Which One Perform Better?

If you’re looking for a new website builder, WPBakery and Elementor are both great options. Now, you’re probably wondering which of these two options will give you the best performance. After all, speed is important when it comes to your website.

WPBakery and Elementor are both very popular options for web design and customization. Both of these are packed with features that make handling everything easier, and more productive. They’re easy-to-use, intuitive, and have a ton of features that make creating your website a breeze.

However, we are here to find out their speed performance. Therefore, in this article, we’ll compare how fast each one loads, so you can decide which option is best for your site. So, without any further ado, let’s compare WPBakery vs Elementor speed.WPBakery Vs Elementor Speed

What Are WPBakery and Elementor?

WPBakery and Elementor are both great drag-and-drop page builders that can help you create high-quality websites. But, before getting into the speed performance, let’s have some general idea about both these page builders. So here it goes-


It is a WordPress page builder that you can get started within less than 5 minutes, with no coding required. WPBakery is a very easy-to-use drag & drop builder that will help you create any layout without touching a single line of code. And when your site goes live, it looks great across all devices, even including mobile.WPBakery overview

With the variety of pre-made content blocks at your disposal, creating unique layouts becomes an effortless task. The best part about this plugin is its flexibility and different ways to customize every element on your page. So whether you want to build a simple landing page or a complex eCommerce store, WPBakery will be able to handle it without breaking a sweat!


A much popular open-source page builder that allows you to create, design, and develop websites easily and faster with its great user interface. Elementor is worth considering if you are looking for a feature-rich free page builder. You can conveniently drag and drop elements, edit live, and preview things in real-time.elementor overview

The major difference that Elementor brings is by helping you attain a masterpiece quality site with its host of features including widgets, template library, visual revision history. It works with almost all themes.

WPBakery Vs Elementor Speed

WPBakery and Elementor are both very popular options. So, deciding on any one can be a tough job. In that case, the site speed test results can make things easier for you to choose the best one.

So, here’s the real-time experiment data of WPBakery vs Elementor speed conducted by WP Rocket. The test was taken in three steps to make the result more clear.

Test 1: No Page Builder and No Plugin

The following is the data where there are no page builders and plugins installed, it’s only the default WordPress theme.

Performance Grade Page Size HTTP Fully Loaded Time LCP FCP CLS Speed Index Time to Interactive Total Blocking Time
KPI Score 99 250 kb 9 737 ms 0.7 s 0.6 s 0 ms 0.9 s 0.6 ms 0 ms

As there is almost no content, the site seems pretty much faster. Now, let’s see the scenario, after building an actual home page with page builders.

Test 2: Content with Only Page Builders

In this step, they build a similar homepage using a template chosen from the library with both these page builders. And here’s the result after making these changes-

Performance Grade Page Size HTTP Fully Loaded Time LCP FCP CLS Speed Index Time to Interactive Total Blocking Time
WPBakery 62 2287kb 19 3.2 ms 2.8 s 2.3 s 0 ms 6.2 s 3.9 ms 120 ms
Elementor 58 2040 kb 20 4.9 ms 2.5 s 2 s .434 ms 4.8 s 2.2 ms 10 ms

Though there are few areas where WPBakery performs better than Elementor, overall, Elementor works great with its performance grade.

Test 3: Using the WP Rocket plugin

After that, they activated a plugin called WP Rocket with both these page builders. Now, let’s find out the changing scenario with the plugin-

Performance Grade Page Size HTTP Fully Loaded Time LCP FCP CLS Speed Index Time to Interactive Total Blocking Time
WPBakery 91 979 kb 15 1.9 s 1.5 s 0.9 s 0038 s 1.9 s 1.1 s 0 ms
Elementor 93 859 kb 14 1.792 ms 1.5 s 1.1 s 0 s 1.1 s 1.1 s 0 ms

Once adding WP Rocket caching plugin, the performance grade significantly improved. But, if you compare, after adding the plugin, Elementor still works better than WPBakery.

In the end, Elementor is faster than WPBakery; the difference doesn’t seem like much. But when you are working on a live website with hundreds of visitors per minute, these extra seconds really start to add up.


WPBakery and Elementor are two of the most popular WordPress page builders. But which one is best for you? The answer depends on your needs as well as what kind of website builder you’re looking for. If you want to create pages that load fast, then WPBakery might be better suited for your site since it loads much faster than Elementor does.

However, if you need more complex layouts with lots of content blocks or modules like tabs and accordions, then try using Elementor instead because it has tons more options available in its library.

If this post about WPBakery vs Elementor speed has helped clarify which builder is right for your situation, you can share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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