Why Does Google Maps Take So Long to Load?

Have you ever encountered a situation where you let Google Maps guide you, and it was just buffering and sometimes not even working? If so, we can understand your frustration. These days, many users are complaining about why does Google Maps take so long to load. 

While there are several alternatives available, they are not as popular and accurate as Google Maps. Even you won’t find all the useful features in any other apps that Google Maps offer. Therefore, we are here with the possible solutions that can make your Google Maps faster. So, let’s have a look at them.      

Why Does Google Maps Take So Long to Load?

Google Maps is a great tool that is the most widely used mapping system. The inbuilt powerful navigation system of this tool helps users to get around anywhere. It’s great features like voice command, offline maps, live traffic, satellite view, panoramic, 360° view, and many more.

Why Does Google Maps Take So Long to Load

Along with all these advantages, many users are facing an issue like slow loading. There are a number of reasons that can cause Google Maps to load slowly on your mobile or computer. Here are the reasons why does Google Maps take so long to load.

  • You are running an outdated version of Google Maps that can create compatibility issues.  
  • You have an overloaded Google Maps data cache, which takes time to determine if it needs to search for new data.
  • The latest app version doesn’t work well on your old device.
  • If you are in an area with poor coverage, Google Maps will usually take more time to load.
  • Your device’s data saver is turned on, which restricts Google Maps from using much data.
  • The Android or iOS version of your mobile is older.
  • Your device storage is almost full, and that’s why your device itself is lagging while using Google Maps.
  • If your background apps are running every time, it will cause Google Maps to load slowly. 

Basically, these are the main reasons which prevent Google Maps from loading faster. But fortunately, there are fixes for all these, which leads us to move up to the next section.

How Can You Make Google Maps Load Faster?

There are some quick and proven fixes that can help to speed up Google Maps while loading. Since Google Maps is available on Android, iOS, and Windows/Mac OS, we will explain in detail about all these platforms. So, here are the solutions.

For Android and iPhone Users

If you are using Google Maps on your Android or iOS devices, then do the following-

1. Get the Latest App Version

To ensure having the best performance and using the latest features, update your Google Maps latest app version.

  • Go to your phone’s Play Store or App Store and type Google Maps.
  • Tap on the Update button, wait for a while and click on the Open button once updated.
Latest App Version

2. Clear Google Maps Cache and Data

Then move to the next step, which is clearing all the stored data and Cache. Remember, this action cannot be undone, so you have to be sure before removing all the data from Google Maps. On that note, here are the steps for Android users to clear the Google Maps data- 

  • Go to the Settings of your mobile phone.
  • Navigate to Apps or Application Manager, or Manage Apps (this term may vary depending on different devices).
  • Now, select Maps and tap on the Storage option.
  • After that, click on the Clear Data from the bottom of the screen. 

iPhone or iPad users do the following steps to clear application data from the Google Maps-

  • Open the Google Maps app and tap your profile picture or initials.
  • Then go to the Setting and tap About, and terms & privacy.
  • After that, tap Clear Application Data and then click on OK.

3. Rollback to the Original Version

If all the above steps didn’t work for you, try rolling back Google Maps updates. This thing will undo all of the recent app updates. Rolling back to the original version will work great for older devices. So, if you want to go back to the original version, follow the steps below-

  • Go to Settings and search for apps, or manage apps or application manager.
  • Then select Maps and look out for Uninstall Updates. You may find it at the bottom of the screen or tap into the three dots from the top right side.
  • Tap on Uninstall Updates.

All the above options will work for iPhone or iPad devices. But the selection of the menu or uninstall updates button may differ slightly. 

4. Disable Data Saver

Google Maps requires a lot of constant and uninterrupted data, especially when you are traveling. It needs to keep constantly loading while traveling. So, if you turn off the data saver, it will take up the data restriction and allow Google Maps to load faster. So, go to your Settings > Connections > Data Usage and turn the Data Saver off. This process may vary depending on different device systems. 

For Laptop or PC Users

If you find Google Maps loading slow on your desktop browser, you can try the following methods out.

1. Restart the Computer and Browser

It goes without saying that restarting your computer and browser often helps Google Maps to load more quickly. Usually, it fixes maximum problems like this. You can also shut down your PC and wait for almost 30 seconds and then turn it on. 

2. Update Your Computer and Browser

Make sure your windows and browsers are updated to meet Google Maps system requirements. To update your windows-

  • Go to the Start Menu and type the Windows Update Setting.
  • Click on Check for Updates, and after a few moments, you’ll see updates available.
  • Simply select Download and Install, and after the installation is complete, restart your computer again. 
Update Your Computer and Browser

If your windows is updated, then look out to see if your browsers are updated or not. If not, then start updating your browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc. once all updates are done, reboot your computer, and launch Google Maps in your browser again.   

3. Install the Latest Version of DirectX on Windows

Still, if your Google Maps takes time to load, install the latest version of DirectX. It is a software that helps to improve visuals on your computer and Google Maps to load quickly. Usually, Google Maps requires the latest version of DirectX on your system, so ensure you have the latest version. 

There are some other useful solutions that may help your Google Maps to load faster. And these are-

1. Checking Your Internet Connection

Generally, Google Maps heavily relies on your internet speed to load its maps and provide you directions. That’s why you should ensure having a strong internet connection. If the net speed moves up and down frequently, turn the net connection off and then turn it on. This could help Google Maps to work faster.  

2. Calibrate the Maps Compass

Consider calibrating the Google Maps compass to further adjustments and improvise the location accuracy. This is also a great way to fix the slow Google map speed. So, go to Google Maps, and it will show your current location with a blue dot. Click on the blue dot and then tap on the Calibrate option from the bottle side of the display. Then, start tilting your device three times as instructed. Once done with tilting, tap on Done

3. Enable Google Location Accuracy

Enabling Google location accuracy allows Google Maps to use Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and sensors to help to estimate your exact geolocation. This function is very helpful when your device has a poor GPS satellite connection, even when your Wi-Fi is turned off.

Enable Google Location Accuracy

So, to enable Google Location Accuracy- go to the device Setting > Location > Google Location Accuracy. Then click on the enable button. Make sure to turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scanning as well.

4. Reinstall the App

The last thing that you can do to improve the loading speed of your Google Maps is reinstalling the app. But, make sure to reboot your device before installing the Google Maps app. This will ensure having no residual files left behind by the uninstalled app. So, simply go to your Play Store or App Store and search for Google Maps. Then, click on the Uninstall button, and after the process is done, restart your device. After that, following the same process, install the app again, and it will start working much faster than before.


To get precise directions and utilize tons of useful features, no navigation app works like Google Maps. So, if your Google Maps take a huge time to load, follow the above tips and easily speed up Google map loading. So, that’s all from this guide on why does Google Maps take so long to load.

Hopefully, you get an accurate answer to this issue along with all the solutions. That’s all for now, we hope you like this guide. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us. 

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