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Our website is operated by the seo adviser LLC. Throughout the website, the terms “we,” “our” & “us” indicate the seo adviser LLC. The seo adviser LLC offers this site to include all data/information, services, tools available to you or users. Conditions will be applied to you by the acceptance of all terms, conditions notices, and policies are stated here. We welcome you to read between the lines below here:

Once you come to visit our site or purchase anything from us, you will be bound to agree with our following terms and conditions. There would be some additional terms and conditions, and those policies will be described here. Our terms and conditions will be applicable for all of the users of our site, and there would be no limitations in regards to browsers, vendors, merchants, customers, or the contributors of content.

Please read between the lines of our Terms and services very carefully before you are going to access our site. Whenever you are going to access to our site, then you will be automatically applied to follow our all terms and conditions. If our terms and conditions are considered to be an offer, then acceptance is limited to it.

Any new tools and features which are included in our current store will also be a subject to our terms and conditions. You feel free to review any of the latest version of terms of services at any time on our site. We at this moment has the fullest authority to reserve the right to make any update, replace or change any portion of these Terms of Services. And, it will be instantly applicable soon after we post it on our websites.

So it is your responsibility to check out our page most often to see whether any changes come to it or not. Hence, we are not going to tell you every time what changes come to the terms and conditions and what is not. So once you access to our site following the posting of any changes construct the acceptance of changes.

Section 1 – Our Online Store Conditions

Once you have agreed with these terms of services, you will confirm that at least you are the age majority who is in his or her province of residence. Besides that, you have given us your consent to allow us to make any minor to major decisions to use our site.

We want to declare precisely that; you can not use our product for any types of unauthorized purposes which will violate laws according to jurisdiction (That is including but not limited to copyright law)

  • You are not allowed to transmit any viruses, worms, or any code of destructive nature.
  • If you are going to breach or violate any of these Terms and conditions, then you will be immediately terminated from our services.

Section 2 – Fundamental Conditions

We have the right to refuse any services to anyone at any time and for any reason; we don’t provide any excuses for these.

Section 3 – Our rights to modify the service and pricing

Pricing of our services is volatile, and it may come to change anytime. Hence, you will not allow interfering with this, and if you will not get any prior notice from us, then it’s not our fault.

Section – 4 Accuracy of billing and account data

We have the right to refuse any types of order that you have placed with us. We ourselves able to limit or cancel it per person and per order. To know more about it, you can see our refund policy.

Section 7 – Optional Tools

  • In the course of our service, we may include you with the third party tools, and in that case, we are not bound to monitor it or control it.
  • You have your fullest responsibility at your own risk to deal with those tools by yourself.

Section-8 Third party links

Certain services or contents may include some third parties. The third party links on our site may directly take you to that third party website, which is not our affiliated with us. Again we are not responsible any of these acts whether it comes to examine or to evaluate the accuracy of the work. So we are not going to warrant you about this incident, or we are also not liable for any third party materials, products, or services. Make sure everything at you own risk.

Section –  9 Feedback, User Comments, and other Submissions

Whenever you comment make sure, it won’t violate any copyright of any third parties or copy the privacy, trademark from any other personal property. Whenever you are going to submit any proposals, plans or any other materials by email, mail or post you need to agree that we have reserved the right to make any changes like edit them or copy them.

Section 10- Personal Information

If you submit any of your personal information or data to us will be governed by our privacy policy

Section 11 – Errors, omissions, and inaccuracies

No one is out of errors or inaccuracies. So we may have faulty contents which will relate to the product descriptions, pricing, promotions, and any other services we offer. We do have the right to make it correct and update it.

We are not responsible for our faults, errors of that and you need to agree with that as it is one of our part and parcel to the terms of services.

Section – 12 Prohibited areas

According to our terms and conditions, we have some restriction that applies to our users. These restrictions are regarding any unlawful purpose of usage of our contents. Therefore, no one is allowed to tell others about our services or any hidden matters to outsides while taking the services from us. Again the users can never violate any federal, provincial, state or international regulations. Remember that you don’t have the right to harass, abuse, harm to others using our services, and we will strongly take the actions if any such thing finds. We always care about security and our interest areas. Therefore, the violation of any of these may cancel the refund policy.

Section 14 – Indemnification

You are bound to indemnify or defend any types of harmless activity that are associated with any parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, officers, directors contractors, service providers, licensors of our seo adviser LLC. Again you can not demand or claim when you make any violation or breach of our Terms and Conditions.

Section 15 – Changes to Terms of Services

We have the right to bring any changes without letting you know before. The current version of it may come to change at any time. In that case, you can periodically check it out frequently.

Section 16 – Contact information

If you have any further query you may ask us from this following email: [email protected]

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