Privacy Policy

The SEO adviser LLC Values its visitor’s privacy, and this has been effective since 30 August 2018. It represents the information we may collect from the registered user or any other visitor

What we are going to do with the Personally Identifiable Information?

It depends on you whether you will disclose any personally identifiable information to us or not. If you opt not to do so, we will reserve your that right and provide you with any products or our services. For us “Personally Identifiable Information” means a media to identify you from the crowd, for example:

  • Your name, email, company name, phone number, billing address, and shipping address
  • Your user ID and password
  • Any account that you shared with us
  • Your computer domain name and the IP address that indicates where you are located
  • Login session data, therefore, our computer can talk to you in times of your login

Once you have shared personally identifiable information to us our consideration and activity with that would be the following:

  • Not rent or sell to any third party without letting you know. Though you opt out (see below), we would use your personally identifiable information to to provide you with the information, and we will for sure let you know about that. For example, it would be any news about our services or products. Again any modification comes up regarding our Terms of Services.
  • We will take commercially valid precautions that will protect the information from misuse, loss, disclosure, alteration, destruction, and any unauthorized access.

We shall not disclose or use your information except:

  • When it comes to providing services that you have ordered to us for example, you ask for delivering your service
  • In some other means that is cited in the privacy policy that you have consented with us
  • In any other accumulation of the information whereas it is not possible to determine whether it is your’s or another person, for example, it would be any graphical or statistical report.
  • If any situation comes up regarding law and order  
  • Shared to the outside auditors who will keep the information secret 
  • If it comes to enforce our Terms of service policy 
  • If any situation comes to protect the safety, rights or property of Tribe Interactive LLC, this may include such as exchanging any information with another party to risk reduction.

Other Information we gather

We would collect different types of information that can’t be promptly used to track you, for example, your domain name and IP address of your Personal Computer. We shall use this information for the individual or aggregate purpose. Again, it may be sent to the technical administration of our research, web site, and development reason.

Our Cookies Policy

Like others, we store your data on your computer when you allow our cookies policy. In this process, we, first of all, send you the information once you approve the cookies policy the terms shall be active from that way. However, you can disagree with our cookies policy. In that case, you won’t get some of the features of our web sites.

Facebook Pixel

It is the media of Facebook ads and Facebook analytics. It commonly uses personal data, and for that, you will ask for the consent. Facebook has its methods to implement it in a flexible way for its users to control and see how the pixel works to the partner websites.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics never track private data, and it is by default. So they need to take any prior consent. Once you turn on the Google Analytics Advertising features and the Remarketing features, then your link of Analytics account attach with the AdSense account.

External Data Storage Sites

We possibly store your information on our servers which would be provided by the third party hosting vendors

Your responsibilities regard to the privacy

To protect your privacy make sure of the following:

  • Do not share your User ID or Password
  • Log off our site once you are finished
  • Always try to take customary precautions to guard against the Viruses and Malware.

Information that is collected from children

According to the law, you must be at least 18 years old to take any service from us which will be lawfully enacted.

Changes may come to this Privacy Policy

Our company has the right to change any segment regarding our privacy policy. Again we are not obliged to tell our updates according to law. Therefore, you are advised to check our privacy policy off and on. If you find anything new regards to our policy, then you can not claim anything from us.

Ask for Queries

If you have anything to know about us as a further quarry do ask us [email protected]. We will try our best to reply to that soon.

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