The 4 Best Things About How to disable Cloudflare?

Typically, Cloudflare is kind of CDN (Content Delivery Network) which works like a proxy data center between the server and the visitors of your website. During development or when you are using a testing tool, this service is not suitable at that time. That’s why we will describe how to disable CloudFlare in our discussion.

How to disable Cloudflare?

How to disable Cloudflare

In this situation, you may need to remove the Cloudflare service. We have organized our article with few ways to disable or turn off the CloudFlare. So you should follow our instructions to learn them. Don’t be panic, disabling Cloudflare is not something that you can’t do ever. It will be too easy and will take only a few minutes to do it.

1. Turn off Cloudflare entirely

When you need to route the traffic directly to the server, you can use this option. If you do this, the Cloudflare proxy will be not used. Follow the steps below to turn off the service entirely.

Step 1. At first, log into your control panel with WebHostFace by browsing at Then go to the “SOFTWARE” or “SERVICES” section of the cPanel home screen.

Step 2. Now, press the “CloudFlare” icon which is located on the Domains section of your control panel. The plugin will load the Cloudflare home screen.

Turn off Cloudflare entirelyStep 3. After that, scroll down to the depth of the page. Click the “Domains” button in the toolbar and choose your domain name from the dropdown menu.

Turn off Cloudflare entirelyStep 4. Next, the plugin will display the setting for the primary domain. To disable the “CloudFlare” service, click the Disable button.

Turn off Cloudflare entirelyStep 5. If you want to choose a different domain, use the list box that is located at the left of the toolbar. Then locate the “CNAME” which is recorded for your www domain.

Turn off Cloudflare entirelyHere the “Use Cloudflare” column value should be set to On position. You have to click it to turn the Cloudflare off.


  1. To propagate through the Cloudflare network, it can take a few minutes to change the DNS.
  2. You can click the settings to turn the Cloudflare back on when the direct access to the server is no longer required.

Alternatively, click the orange cloud for easy procedure. When the orange cloud turns into gray, your website should be disconnected from the Cloudflare account associated with your WebHostFace cPanel.

Note: If you deactivate your CloudFlare account that is associated with your WebHostFace cPanel, it will cancel any plan subscriptions for the site. In this case, you will have to re-add your website to the Cloudflare account to regain the Cloudflare performance and security benefits.

You may don’t know that the Cloudflare plugin may be used to configure your website using the CNAME or Full DNS. In the section above, we have described the configuration using the CNAME method, which may provide many Cloudflare features while retaining the ease of managing DNS with cPanel.

That’s why we don’t recommend changing away your name server. Because that can have a delay of several hours where pausing the Cloudflare takes only 5 minutes or less to temporarily resolve the minor issues. Using the “Development Mode” can be an alternative way to pausing Cloudflare. It will only bypass the Cloudflare’s cache, but still provides other services such as SSL.

2. Turn on Development Mode

You should use this alternative when you are making changes to your website. By using this option, the traffic to your server will be routed through the Cloudflare proxy, but the caching will be turned off. You will be able to see the changes immediately. See the steps below to turn on the Development Mode.

Step 1. You need to log in to your cPanel at first. Then go to the “SOFTWARE” section of the cPanel home screen. Now, click on the “Cloudflare” icon. The plugin should load the Cloudflare home screen.

Step 2. Click the “Settings” button which is located in the toolbar at the top of the page.

Turn on Development ModeStep 3. Look for the “Development Mode” setting, and then you have to click it to turn on the Development Mode.

Note: Typically, Development Mode settings turn off automatically after 3 hours. If you are making changes which will take more than 3 hours, then you may need to turn it on again.

3. Disable Cloudflare by using the account

Keep in mind that, if you enable Cloudflare through your cPanel with WebHostFace, then you may edit most of the settings from there without having to enter your CloudFlare account. You can disable Cloudflare for your website from your cPanel if you want. Take a look at the quick and easy steps below.

Step 1. Log into your Cloudflare account. A page should be open, known as the “My Websites” page. Then click on the cogwheel that is next to your website’s domain and choose the “DNS Settings” option.

Disable Cloudeflare by using the account

Step 2. The next segment will take you to the “DNS Settings” page. Here you have to press the “Disconnect CloudFlare” option, and then you are all set.

Disconnect CloudFlare option

4. Remove a Cloudflare subscription

This way consists of two main actions. The first one is to disable the Cloudflare feature, and the second one is to remove the subscription. Let’s focus on these actions below.

Step 1. Disable the Cloudflare feature

At first, you should disable the feature before canceling the subscription. Click on the service name under the “Plan Extensions” option to disable the feature.

This option will be available within the Cloudflare Overview app. You may need to visit the appropriate Cloudflare UI app for disabling the required feature.

Step 2. Remove the subscription

After disabling the feature, you should log in to the Cloudflare dashboard. Then click on your appropriate Cloudflare account and select the “Billing” tab from your account profile in the top-right corner. Next, click the “Subscriptions” menu in the left sidebar. In the end, you have to click the “Cancel” button from the subscriptions table.

Remove the subscriptionIn this method, you will be able to remove or cancel the Cloudflare subscription. You may need to click on the “Edit” button to cancel the Dedicated SSL certificate subscriptions. Go to the “Dedicated certificates and Custom dedicated certificates” option and set the count to 0 in the popup window. Click continue to complete the procedure.

Final Verdict:

We try our best to discuss some of the Cloudflare disabling methods. Hopefully, there will be no question about how to disable Cloudflare after reading our article.

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