Does Jetpack Slow Down WordPress? The Complete guide

Every webmaster wants a fully functional and feature-loaded website to improve and run their site. And when it comes to getting more great features and functions, maximum webmasters consider the Jetpack plugin for their WordPress website.

However, when some webmasters feel that this plugin is mandatory to make the most use of WordPress, others feel the exact opposite. Some website owners complain that jetpack makes their site perform slower.

So, who do you believe? Well, in this guide, I am going to take a close look at does jetpack slow down WordPress sites or not. Interested to know! Then read on.

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is the most popular plugin of WordPress that has been installed by 5 million-plus people for just about everything. From WordPress security to performance, marketing, and design tools, it has tons of features to improve your site performance.

It comes with a very user-friendly interface which is really easy to use. Simply install and activate it, just like the other plugins. But, once the activation process is done, you’ll realize that it is an entirely different plugin for WP with its different modules and features.

Now, you may get confused that with all these benefits, why is jetpack still questionable? Should you install this plugin on your website?

The truth is, it all depends on so many factors related to your WordPress site. For example, how many plugins are active on your site currently, page load speed, how many features you’ll require offered by jetpack, etc.Jetpack Plugin settings

As you can see, it has several features and functions. So, do you need them all or just some of them will be enough for you?

Actually, most people don’t really need to use all the features, and it’s more than 30 modules. Apart from that, this bloated plugin includes massive coding, which is not at all needed for all webmasters. And these are the top reasons that some site owners don’t find it very useful.

Having said that, let’s discuss the question that we all have heard is does jetpack slow down WordPress in the next section.

Does Jetpack Slow Down WordPress?

The answer is, jetpack won’t automatically slow down your site unless you’re using or activating a bunch of features or modules all along. Also, the loading speed depends on what type of module you activated and the type of hosting or server your site runs on.Does Jetpack Slow Down WordPress

You’ll experience a noticeable slow loading speed only when you enable all the modules or features of the Jetpack plugin at once. In that case, you can only activate those features that you’ll need for your site and disable the others.

The inactive modules will do nothing like adding any performance impact or even won’t load at all. If you really need all these or most of the modules, then you should update your hosting package or upgrade to a better host.

Apart from that, some modules of the jetpack plugin use more resources than others, like the CSS module. This module saves your site’s CSS code to the database as a custom post type. That means the more CSS lines you’ll add, the larger the database will be. As a result, it’ll take more time to load.

So, it’s not the jetpack plugin; it’s your unoptimized CSS code that makes your site loading slow. Therefore, look out for the kind of modules you’re using and what things are added with them.

So, if you are concerned about page speed, consider activating the least modules that you’ll require only.


This one plugin rules them all with its including multiple modules. With the Jetpack plugin, you don’t have to hunt for other plugins, as this single plugin contains most of them. It remains one of the top plugins out there but is not suitable for every scenario.

I’ve shared does jetpack slow down WordPress or not, and hopefully, now it’s clear to you that it really doesn’t slow down your site. This plugin is packed with a lot of power, and its coding is pretty straightforward.

You just need to consider which modules you’ll require for your site and use only them, and disable the rest. Then see how this multi-purpose plugin will help you with the best, and definitely, it’s worth trying for those who need a feature-rich site.

So, if you like this guide, drop your thoughts in the comment section below. And for any queries or services, you can Contact Us. we’re there to help you out in every possible situation.

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