How HTTPS Affects Website Performance?

How HTTPS Affects Website Performance

The Internet is a growing storehouse of data that can be accessed publicly and categorized as private or high-end, which is only accessed by individuals authorized to do so. There are a number of ways in which hackers can steal this data. Do you know, nearly 9,00,000 WordPress sites are targeted by attackers in a …

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Why You Facing WordPress Dashboard Slow Loading Issue?

wordpress dashboard slow loading

Are you dealing with the WordPress dashboard slow loading issue? Well, it’s a frustrating, common issue that most WordPress site owners go through. The fact is, even if your WordPress frontend is fast, its backend can be slow. It’s an absolute killer for your productivity and time. Every time when you are trying to do …

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How to Optimize Images for Web Without Losing Quality?

How to Optimize Images for Web Without Losing Quality

Amazon has calculated that for a 1-second page slow down; they could lose $1.6 billion in sales each year. Now, you may understand how essential it is to load your site as quickly as possible. Users expect your site to load within 2 seconds; otherwise, they will lose interest and abandon your page. To ensure …

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WordPress Lazy Load Images Without Plugin – A Complete Guide

There’s nothing new to say about the importance of page loading speed. When it comes to competing for the top rank in search engine results, every second matters. However, there are so many things that impact a site’s loading speed. Images are one of them as, according to HTTPArchive, images are the most requested asset …

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How to Increase WordPress Website Speed Without Plugin? Pro Tips

How to Increase WordPress Website Speed Without Plugin

Often, we are asked how to increase WordPress website speed without plugin. Well, there are valid reasons behind this question and why most site owners want to learn WordPress site speed optimization. When it comes to site performance, every millisecond count. It greatly influences the user experience of your site, as well as the ranking, …

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How to Fix W3 Total Cache Error? Read This Expert’s Guide

How to Fix W3 Total Cache Error

W3 Total Cache is a great Plugin for caching and optimization in the WordPress repository. Unlike the other plugins, it provides complete control over the WordPress site’s caching configuration. Its customizable and powerful features help to reduce load times and increase website performance. This plugin is the total performance solution for optimizing your WordPress website. …

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Does Wordfence Slow Down Website? Read This Expert Guide

Does Wordfence Slow Down Website

For any website, security is the topmost priority. And when it comes to WordPress security plugins, Wordfence is one of the most popular security plugins currently available on the market. It’s an all-in-one approach like a Web Application Firewall, security scanner, and all other features that help to protect your site from many possible attacks. …

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Does Jetpack Slow Down WordPress? The Complete guide

Does Jetpack Slow Down WordPress

Every webmaster wants a fully functional and feature-loaded website to improve and run their site. And when it comes to getting more great features and functions, maximum webmasters consider the Jetpack plugin for their WordPress website. However, when some webmasters feel that this plugin is mandatory to make the most use of WordPress, others feel …

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