Best Wp Rocket Settings for WordPress

The audiences always dislike slow-loading websites. It can be very frustrative to browse these websites. Thankfully, there are few ways to speed up a website’s load time. That’s where WP Rocket is the best solution for website creators. Millions of website owners recognize that WP Rocket makes your WordPress site load faster. That’s why Best Wp Rocket Settings and configuration is a very important part.

What is WP Rocket?

It is one of the best premium caching plugins which is extremely effective at speeding up the load time of a website. This is the leading plugin in the WordPress community. WP Rocket is well-known for its easy and convenient interface. If you are looking for a perfect website speed optimization plugin, then nothing can be better than it.

Why choose WP Rocket?

First of all, the settings of this plugin are very easy to configure. These settings have excellent documentation and support. It also comes with some unique specialties which cannot be found on other cache plugins. The including features are Google tracking, database cleanup, preload bot, lazy load, and many others. You may not get the lazy load option in other plugins, which is very effective.

WP Rocket cache plugin can reduce the page load time by more than 50-60% and helps to boost up the website. You have to follow some basic instructions if you are new to WP Rocket. We are here to help you. Our guidelines will cover all the settings of this plugin to make your site optimized.

Let’s take a glance at the Best Wp Rocket Settings and configuration.

Wp Rocket Settings

1. Download and installing:

You need to purchase WP Rocket plugin in order to use it. It’s not a FREE cache plugin and it comes with three different plans (Single Plan, Plus Plan, and Infinite Plan). First of all, go to the WP Rocket website to purchase a license. After purchasing a plan, you can log in to your account and download the WP plugin.

Download and installing

There is a great deal with this plugin. You can renew your license anytime with 50% discount. Now go to your WordPress dashboard and login, then click the plugin menu and choose to add new.

Download and installing

Next, upload the zip file which contains the plugin.

Download and installingClick on the “Install” button, and then you will be prompted to activate it. Finally, WP Rocket is installed now.

WP Rocket dashboard:

Let’s take a look at the WP Rocket dashboard.

WP Rocket dashboard

This plugin has now a simplified dashboard. WP rocket updates their dashboard design and user interface. So it’s much better than before and more user-friendly. Most of the website owners liked the new interface and hopefully, you will like it too.

Some basic introduction about WP Rocket dashboard-

Rocket Tester: it’s a beta testing feature for new releases. It’s not necessary for general users.

Rocket Analytics: This is an analytic form of this plugin. WP Rocket collects data anonymously by using this tool. Sending data to an external resource can do more work for your server.

Clear Cache: This plugin will automatically clear the cache for your site. It will also notify you to clear the cache whenever it detects any changes made on the site. This feature will help to load the webpage with fresh snippets. You can do this when you are configuring the settings.

Preload Cache: If you remove the cache files, you can preload it with just one click. It generates all the internal links you use on the homepage.

Purge OPcache: This feature is very useful when something appears wrong with WP Rocket after the update. It prevents some major issues.

Regenerate Critical CSS: It’s a curtail part for your website optimization. This feature will regenerate the critical CSS when you change your stylesheets or modify custom CSS via the WordPress Customizer.

Now gather some knowledge about the settings modules step by step.

2. Cache

Cache configuration

There is a most common feature in every caching plugin which is called Cache. This feature is mainly used to cache the files to load the website at super-fast speed. It’s essential to know that how this best caching plugin completes this task.

Mobile Cache: Fast loading mobile-friendly websites are very important to many search engine ranking signals. There are two basic options in the mobile cache settings. You can enable both the options for speeding up your site to mobile visitors. That means caching in mobile devices will be more descriptively in smartphones. Your website may become a bit slower in mobile devices if you don’t enable this feature. It’s one of the great features in WP Rocket settings and it’s almost works on every site.

User cache: This feature is allowing a global cache to be created for logged in users. It gives each user their own cache. This feature is so useful if you have restricted content on your site such as a membership site where users must have to log in to view the content. You can enable it if multiple users are logging into your site. Otherwise, keep this unchecked.

Cache lifespan: This excellent feature displays the specific period of time after which all the cache files will periodically remove. The cache files will be re-built automatically after the lifespan expired if you enable the cache preloading. Cache lifespan is automatically set to ten hours by default.

You can increase the time a few if you have a lot of static content. We would recommend setting the time 24 hours. You can make it longer and extended cache lifespan has no problem if your site updates very frequently. On the other hand, reducing the lifespan will cause your server to use more resources.

3. File Optimization

File Optimization

File optimization is a real trick of WP Rocket plugin. Here is the proceeding-

Minify files: This feature can minify the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. It removes unused codes without affecting data processing of the browsers. It also makes the website load faster by reducing the file size. You can enable all options under “Basic Settings” if you are a beginner. These settings might break or harm your site. So always test your site when you are enabling it. If you found an issue, then disable the option.

Combine Google fonts files: Enable this option just like minify. This feature combines multiple CSS and JavaScript resources into one file in a Jason hash map format. To decreasing the number of HTTP requests and speed up your website, you can enable the options to combine the CSS and JavaScript files.

Remove query strings from static resources: Most of the page speed test tools recommends to remove query strings from the static resources. Static resources cannot always be removed without breaking website layout or losing safety. Plugins usually generate the query strings. In this plugin, it’s too easy. You have to enable the feature.

Exclude CSS files: If you have any resolving issues with minification, you can locate and add the problematic file here. Only do this when a minification option messes up with your site layout.

Optimize CSS delivery: It’s another key feature from the WP Rocket plugin. Render blocking CSS can slow down the loading of your site. But this feature will eliminate render-blocking CSS. That means your page will start loading without CSS styles. Also, critical path CSS will be automatically generated for your website in the background if you activate this setting.

Load JavaScript Deferred: All the Javascript files on the page will be loaded with deferring attribute, by enabling this option. The deferring attribute ensures your page finished loading before executing the script. It will make your JavaScript files into the non-render block.

After enabling this option, you should check your website and ensure everything works well. It can cause for break websites functionality. If you found any issue like breaking layout or something else you just have to enable Safe Mode for jQuery.

4. Media

Media configurations

We will now discuss in brief about optimize the media section.

Lazy Load: WP Rocket cache plugin has a fantastic lazy loading mechanism for site images, videos, and iframes. In this method, images will only load when a user scrolls up to an image. That means the images will load in user viewport. By reducing the number of requests at the same time, lazy load helps to optimize website speed.

If your site displays tons of images, then you can enable this option. By enabling the “replace YouTube iframe with a preview image” option, the video will only load if the user clicks on the play button. Check your site for broken images after you enable lazy load option. Because it can sometimes break the image across your site.

Emoji: Use this optimize tool for a heavy modified site that loads with a lot of emojis. Disable emoji helps to optimize your website speed. Emojis are horrible for website or blog. So don’t forget to disable emoji.

Embeds: This option is one of the interesting points of this WP Rocket plugin. It will prevent your website from embedding content by other sites. When anyone embeds content from your website, it may use up your server’s resources and bandwidth. As a result, your website will become slow. So, you should disable the Word Press embed option to protect your site from embedding and remove all the JavaScript requests regarding Word Press embed.

5. Preload

Preload configurations

Sitemap preloading: It is a sitemap based cache preload feature. This option automatically detects the sitemap URL and will use that to preload cache. It should be enabled to improve both website speed and indexing speed.

Preload bot: You can activate automatic preload bot if your server is well enough. Preload bot automatically reloads the cache files when a new post is published or make any changes to the website. This feature will help to optimize those website speeds, which frequently updates the site. So activate the preload bot settings for better performance.

Prefetch DNS requests: This feature allows you to speed up page load, at the time of loading multiple resources from another domain or website. It will ask the browser to resolve the domain name and perform DNS lookups for links on the page. These things will be done in the background.

Users don’t need to wait for the DNS lookups when they clicked on the link if you use DNS prefetch option. It may take around 200ms and helps to speed up the site. You have to add the URLs to prefetch DNS request if you use third-party services or contents such as Google fonts, YouTube videos, Google analytics or something else.

We are providing some of the common domain names to prefetch:




After adding the required DNS, click on save changes.

6.Advanced Rules

Advanced Rules

All of these options are mainly designed for excluding cart and checkout pages in E-Commerce sites. You should not perform any changes to this unless you have a very specific requirement in mind.

Never cache URL: This feature will help you if you like to exclude a page from cache. Usually, this plugin suggests excluding the sensitive pages like the login or logout pages. You should exclude cart page, checkout page which is not listed by WP Rocket itself.

Never cache cookies: You may need to specify the cookies here for detecting users logged in and logged out. It will prevent from getting cached.

Never cache user agents: In this box, you may need to specify the user agents like the google bot or a specific type of browsers. If you do this, user agents will never be able to see the cached files or pages.

Always purge URL: You can specify here that kind of page URL(s), which page you immediately want to see changes. Add here other page’s cache that you want to be cleared when new content is attached.

Cache query strings: This feature is mainly used to price filtering pages and cache search result pages for E-Commerce sites.

7. Database

Database configurations

WP Rocket cache plugin has a unique feature to clean up the database and make it lightweight. Because of some unusual things can slow down your site performance, just like spam comments, post revisions, different plugin transient elements and many others. It is a simple cleanup tab to reduce the trash that is piling up.

Post cleanup: WordPress keep draft of the previous version to allow you can restore that. These unnecessary saved drafts can make the database junky. You should delete auto drafts, revisions, and trashed posts if you don’t use them.

Comments cleanup: If you select the checkboxes trashed and spam comments will be permanently deleted.

Transients cleanup: WordPress theme developers use transients to store timely data to speed up the site. It’s safe to remove these and optimize the database.

Automatic cleanup: You can set the automatic database cleanup process for schedule cleanup of your database. Set the schedule to weekly or clean it up manually as you need.

Optimize: If you are the first time doing it then click the optimize button to backup your database.

8. CDN

CDN configurationsYou may enable this option if you use a content delivery network. This plugin kept an opportunity to integrate CDN with WP rocket. It will rewrite all URLs of static files with the CDN CNAMEs that you provide. You can use StackPath or Cloudflare as CDN. It reduces the geographical distance between your server and visitors. This feature can save multiple seconds off your load time for visitors who far away from the origin server.


Heartbeat configurations

WP Rocket has a built-in separate heartbeat control plugin which you can use. It allows your plugin to show the real-time notification.

10. Add-Ons

Add-Ons configurations

There are several add-ons available in this plugin such as Google Tracking, Facebook Pixel, Cloud flare, Sucuri Firewall etc. This WordPress cache plugin comes with built-in integration with Cloud Flare.

11. Tools

Tools configurations

WP-Rocket offers three kinds of tools. They are-

 Export Settings: It’s normally used to back up your configuration. You can apply it to export your current settings from your existing site and use it on multiple websites.

Import Settings: With this feature, you can import your pre-configured settings from another site to your current website.

Rollback: This feature is extremely useful when the newer version breaks your layout or isn’t working correctly. It provides you the option to re-install the previous version of WP Rocket.


Cache plugin is always important for page loading and search ranking. Most of the website developers recognize that WP Rocket is the best premium caching plugin for WordPress. But you have to decide which plugin is comfortable for you. However, our WP-Rocket settings guide may help you to optimize your site. We have tried the best to deliver you the detail info about WP Rocket settings. Thanks for your patience and co-operation.


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