10 Best WordPress speed optimization plugins To Speed Up Your Website

You are almost ready to add content if you have a new Word Press environment up and running. But you should add a few top-level plugins to improve your site before you begin. These plugins are so much essential in terms of speed up the WordPress site and boost performance, usability, increase security, design, manage backups and add any additional functionality you may need.

10 Best WordPress speed optimization plugins

Word Press plugins are the real game changer, which makes this platform so exceptionally versatile. From adding e-commerce functionality to creating private membership sites or turning the whole website into a mobile app, there’s a plugin for almost anything you can think. Nowadays, some great plugins play a vital role in creating a site.

Best WordPress speed optimization plugins

But it is always not easy to find the best Word Press plugins. You may have some questions in mind. The questions may be like this type- which are the best WP plugins or what kind of plugins almost everyone uses. Don’t worry; we are here to point out some of the very best WordPress plugins that available online.

We have given a list of some of the best WP plugins which are used by thousand & millions of websites all over the earth. We are providing both free and premium WP plugins directory. Let’s take a look at our top Word Press plugin picks.

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket

All the owners strive for having a lightning quick website. The search engines always love a fast website, as well as a fast website means happy visitors. It will bring more visitors to this process. WP Rocket is probably one of the best plugins you can invest in to speed up a Word Press website.

You could want an incredibly helpful package that crams all of the speed optimization functionalities. You can unlock page caching, browser caching, and lazy loading in this plugin. It also has minification, GZIP compression functionalities and plenty more. In this plugin, you get all of the caching functionality you would expect in just seconds.

WP Rocket would be the one optimization plugin which can rule over all other plugins. It comes with a bunch of features you probably wouldn’t expect. It is an all wrapped package and has one of the most user-friendly interfaces. WP Rocket makes the setup process easy by comparison with other plugins.

If you use it, you don’t have to install some extra plugins. Even this WP plugin can host the Google Analytics code on your website. It is the most beginner-friendly caching plugin, and it can help at the starting point if you don’t know the technical terms that are used for different caching options.

This plugin is specially designed for superior WordPress performance. This plugin allows its users to cache their website with one-click instantly. We will suggest this package if you want a speed optimization plugin that does it all.

2. WP Super Minify

WP Super Minify

This WP plugin has introduced a new technique and idea for the website owners who developed their site by using Word Press. The great idea is minifying to combine JS, HTML and CSS files in their plugin. Because of this all the data can be compressed and served in a shorter time.

In the same way, it reduces the website loading times. Sometimes critical themes and plugins can conflict with this type of plugin. So that you should be very careful when setting up these types of WP plugins. In case there are any conflicts, WP super minify gives you the option to disable the compression of JavaScript or CSS. This is a great advantage of this package.

3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

This is one of the most common speed enhancing Word Press plugin. It is a complete framework and it goes ahead just being a simple caching WP plugin. You will get a ton of options in this comprehensive plugin which may appear a bit intimidating for the beginners.

There are various caching methods and a vast array of options available in this plugin. It also comes with advanced support for CloudFlare and other CDN services. To properly set up a WordPress cache, it includes all the features that you will need.

Some important features such as object cache, page cache, limited minification support, gzip compression are fully involved in this Word Press plugin. But it is not too easy to set up because of its various options. You may break something if you don’t know what you are doing.

Advanced users should use this W3 Total Cache plugin only for this reason while beginners may find this plugin a bit difficult to use. Uninstalling this WP plugin can be a little bit tricky. Sometimes it may take more time than the typical deleting and deactivating to get rid of it. Otherwise, its a good option for Word Press caching plugin.

4. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

This is another common caching plugins which is available for WordPress theme. More than 5.5 million website owners use this package. So you can say that it is one of the most widely used caching plugins. Many top WordPress hosting companies highly recommend it. It is basically free including all recommended caching features that you may need to boost and speed up your website.

You will get page cache, cache pre-loading, gzip compression, CDN support, advanced cache preload, and many more in this WP plugin. The setup of this plugin is quite straight forward. But some settings are available for advanced users if they want to get more services of the plugin. There is a comprehensive settings section with a separate tab for easy setup. It also supports multiple caching types just like Mod Rewrite, PHP or Legacy.

5. WP Smushit

WP Smush

This speed optimization plugin is usually used to optimize images or thumbnails and remove unnecessary bytes from the image files. It is created based on the popular Yahoo Smush.it service. It is highly used for optimizing JPEG compression. It also strips metadata from JPEG images.

This WP plugin uses lossless formats for compressing images, while most other tools use lossy formats which degrade the image quality. For this reason, you would not be able to notice any difference in quality. The plugin easily integrates with the Smush.it API. Surprisingly, this plugin can strip un-used colors from any quality images.

6. Sucuri Firewall

Sucuri Firewall

We can assure you that this is the best security and firewall plugin. It comes with a built-in option to enable gzip compression and cache your website content with just a single click.

This is the best option for any site as a website firewall because “Sucuri” is a DNS level firewall. It can serve cached content to your visitors even before their request reaches to your website. These kinds of features always give your website an incredible performance boost.

7. BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load

There is a common issue for Word Press themes. The entire page will be loaded if a user visits your website and tries to load any page. It can cause the loading times to skyrocket if it is a long page with lots of content and images. There is a solution to solve this problem, called ‘lazy loading’ method.

Only specific elements are loaded when they needed in this system. This WP plugin is designed based on this idea. It can replace post images, post thumbnails and gravatar images to increase the website speed. Until the content needs to load, it also replaces content iframes with a placeholder.

8. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache

This plugin is an excellent combination of speed optimization features. While most of the WP plugins are too advanced and others are too basic. It comes with a great set of innovations and balanced with a user-friendly interface. You have to install the plugin, activate it and run through the settings.

Just hit save and then you are ready to go. In this plugin, it is so easy to set cache expiration times for certain URL strings. Also, it can minify CSS, HTML and CDN integration. More than 200,000 people use this cache plugin all over the world and it gets better day by day.

9. Perfmatters


This speed optimization plugin takes a different approach to improve page load times, while most of the Word Press plugins follow other ordinary methods. WordPress has some built-in options which can slow down performance, and these specific options are not necessary for most sites. This plugin helps to makes it possible to disable these casual options with just a click.

Actually, HTTP requests not must need for webpages and it can slow down the rendering of your pages. You can also disable these scripts on a per page basis with this plugin. In this way, you can stop plugins from loading code where it is not required. That means this WP plugin can work with some existing caching plugin.

10. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler

You can easily set up this lightweight caching plugin in minutes. Its an excellent speed optimization plugin from the team at KeyCDN. The plugin comes with many benefits which include minification setup, the option to set the cache expiry time and a few other advantages.

This is the entire feature of this plugin, but you can use a sister plugin which called “CDN Enabler” if you want to add a CDN. It is a free plugin package which supports 1-click clear cache. This plugin is well known for its simple setup or user-friendly interface.

Final word

Install any of these plugins for better improvement on your page load times. Most of them can help you if you’re trying to speed up your Word Press installation. You should not install all of these and remember one thing that some low-quality plugins can harm your website.

So focus on your requirement and only install those plugins what you need. There are some other ways to speed up your site, but these plugins are a great option for the beginners. Hopefully, our helpful post will help you to find the best Word Press speed optimization plugin to boost up your website.


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