6 Best Free Website Speed Test Tools in 2021

Best Free Website Speed Test Tools

Website speed is one of the most considerable parts for a website owner as well as the visitors. You may hear a very common word every time from your visitors to boost the loading speed. But how you will know the exact loading time and its position? It’s so simple; use any of the Best …

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The 4 Best Things About How to disable Cloudflare?

How to disable Cloudflare

Typically, Cloudflare is kind of CDN (Content Delivery Network) which works like a proxy data center between the server and the visitors of your website. During development or when you are using a testing tool, this service is not suitable at that time. That’s why we will describe how to disable CloudFlare in our discussion. …

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Best Wp Rocket Settings for WordPress

Wp Rocket Settings

The audiences always dislike slow-loading websites. It can be very frustrative to browse these websites. Thankfully, there are few ways to speed up a website’s load time. That’s where WP Rocket is the best solution for website creators. Millions of website owners recognize that WP Rocket makes your WordPress site load faster. That’s why Best …

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Autoptimize Settings For Speed up Your WordPress Sites in Under 1s

Autoptimize Settings

Many WordPress developers recognize that Autoptimize is one of the crucial cache plugins for speeding up a website. It can be a perfect solution to boost the speed if you have the problem of slow loading website. Proper Autoptimize settings and configuration are needed to get the best performance from your website. You may experience …

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What are the best free CDN for WordPress in the market today?

best free CDN for WordPress

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is used by most of the WP website owners to boost their site loading times. The average internet speed is technologically advanced in today’s busy life, and CDN service is the key point behind this technique. We will reveal some of the best free CDN for WordPress in our post. Image …

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Free Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs – Make Your Site Delightful

Free Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

Blogging opportunities are rapidly growing since the early development of the internet. In today’s life, most of the peoples are interested in blogs while some others are involved in creating blogs. Many people find WordPress as a convenient source to start blogging. The best WordPress plugins for blogs are also crucial in this process. The …

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How to serve scaled images with WordPress?-5 Easy Step

How to serve scaled images with WordPress

It’s a universal truth that website performance can be improved by serving a scaled image. High-quality images will deliver better site performance. But all kind of images needs to be scaled. That’s why website creators should know how to resize and serve scaled images with WordPress properly. How to serve scaled images with WordPress? Basically, …

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